About Crown Charter School

Crown Charter is located at 12450 West Maryland Avenue, Litchfield Park, Arizona, 85340. This location is off of El Mirage Road, south of Glendale Avenue and north of Camelback Road, one mile east of Dysart Road.

We offer quality education from kindergarten through the 6th grade. We are a core foundation elementary school. In addition, all of our lessons are energized through innovation and interactive student participation.

We make learning exciting! All kindergarteners learn to read and write well. Our first grade students can do multiplication and division. Students in higher grades are encouraged to excel and move forward to achieve academic success that will enrich their educational experience. We are known for our high academic expectations and positive results.

We have an advanced technology program, where students learn to do word processing to build PowerPoint presentations and use a technological skill set for real world experience.

Our science program includes a connection with NASA that allows students to interact with programs and experiments with the NASA scientific community.

We encourage community leaders in business and government as well as local tribal leaders to share their expertise in government and business activities with our students. This allows our children to see how things work in the community and how they can interact with these role models and become active participants. We encourage our students to put knowledge into action.