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At Crown School, we follow the state academic standards
for each grade level and participate in all state standardized testing


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Our goal is to inspire our students to move beyond standard academic  expectation  into  practical  application and use of more critical thinking skills.

We are pleased to offer an accelerated academic program at Crown School.

We believe  that  college preparation begins in Kindergarten. A positive elementary school experience is a major  factor in influencing the student’s love for learning and their desire to reach for higher knowledge. It is with great pleasure that we proudly offer the students an opportunity to excel beyond the Arizona standards beginning at Kindergarten and going all the way through sixth grade.

Crown’s Administrators and Teachers carefully put together lesson plans that address Classroom Academic Management. This Classroom Academic Management program incorporates techniques that make it possible for each teacher to reach each child, daily, at the developmental level at which the child is functioning. The end result is that the children all feel successful and delight in their sense Crafts of well-being as they see tangible evidence of their own rapid academic growth. Well planned, joyous and innovative lessons, board work, and interactive learning activities set Crown Charter School apart from many others.

Crown School has many programs to help children excel in school. After all, that’s what we do best. Below are just a few of the programs that can help our students to do their very best every day here at Crown.

Care is given to the “full child” development program with emphasis on fine motor, gross motor, visual perception and social skills in the first few weeks of Kindergarten.  Most students read at a solid beginning first grade level and exceed all expectations in Math for their age group.

Students in the 1st grade will learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in math. They will also dive into science with different scientific investigations. They will begin to incorporate new writing skills and write their first reports on specific topics using their newly acquired cursive skills.

The 2nd grade students learn to conduct research and prepare visual props for special presentations to the class. Children can quickly identify inference and contextual clues in written text, which boosts their reading comprehension to high levels.

One of the highlights of the 3rd year is when they move beyond “book” learning and experience “hands-on” scientific investigations with specimens under the microscope as they research into the life of invertebrates. In Social Studies, the students learn about the United States and have a wonderful opportunity to research bridge designs, which often leads into the students making a replica of their favorite bridge.

The 4th graders enjoy “hands-on” learning by interacting with Native American culture, which helps them to understand and appreciate Arizona history. Computer generated reports include the student’s art and composition photography.

The 5th and 6th grade students who master mathematic requirements for their grade level may move beyond to algebra and geometry with technical support in these areas. Projects include PowerPoint presentations that incorporate music and photography as well as model rocketry.

As you can see from our AIMS scores, over the past three years, we deliver quality, high energy, high impact lessons that allow the students to excel to new academic heights.

We offer special education services through an outside service. If you child has an IEP, please let the office know. Please click here for FERPA rights for special education.

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