Family Activities

Family values are important to Crown School.  A warm partnership between Crown School, the students and their families exists here. The school sets aside several “family days” throughout the school year to promote a family atmosphere and an opportunity for families and the teachers to interact. 

There are 3 or 4 family “cook-outs” and the extended families ( grandparents, relatives ) are encouraged to attend and be a part of the festivities.   The family days are 1) October Festival  2) All Sports Day   3)  Wacky Tacky Beach Day and  4) some-times Kite Flying Day (weather permitting).  
Volunteers are encouraged: We also have “special days” where parents may volunteer to assist the teachers with a craft or an activity. There are also weekly opportunities for parents to volunteer to tutor students.

More specifically: Volunteers are needed for family day activities, Thanksgiving crafts, Christmas programs, Valentine’s day crafts and egg coloring, special activities where the teacher may need help, graduation ceremony and all-important, assistance with the weekly tutoring program.  Be sure to get a volunteer sign-up form from the office.  

The Family Cook-Out days
(Check your calendar for the dates)

All Sports Day:    It is a sports rally with activities.  NON-UNIFORM DAY - 

Students dress up in their favorite professional sports “jerseys – hats – outfits”. We have a parade and give cheers for each sports team that is represented. Next, parents assist their child’s class with whichever sport they are representing. Then the students move around from sport to sport and joyously participate. This is a “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” day.

October Festival Parents and relatives plan the festival booth for their child’s classroom and then they run the booth while the teachers conduct the parent/teacher conferences in a pleasant family atmosphere.   Other parents are setting up the BBQ and managing the cook-out.  We all laugh and have a great time. 


Wacky Tacky Beach Day:   UGLY IS IN   First there is a WACKY PARADE where the tackiest dressed person wins a giant water soaker. UGLY IS IN.  No uniforms.    

 NEXT – THE BEACHArizona sun and sand, bathing suits and beach towels, umbrellas and lots of water and water soakers, Whooo! We have a beach! There will be a 20 foot high water slide, a 10 foot high water slide, a dunk tank, and little wading pools for the tiny tots. Parents run the great cook-out, producing enough food for 1500 people.
Please join us!

KITE FLYING DAY:  If we catch a good windy, but warm day, then come join us as we fill the sky with kites flying high.

We also have two special days for our students.

Year-End Celebration (End of School)  The first grade through sixth grade students celebrate their success with a year-end presentation that highlights their talent. Then the students are presented with achievement awards that they have earned. Bring the family out and celebrate with our students.

Kindergarten Graduation This is an exciting time as we build toward a final crescendo marking your child’s first year in school. We celebrate with a formal cap and gown ceremony as the kindergarten marches down to Pomp and Circumstance. Local high-profile community leaders as well as family and friends come out with us to celebrate as the kindergarten class graduates to first grade.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please visit our “Contact” section to speak with a Crown Charter School representative.

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